End-of-the-season tasting menu

A very special menu to say goodbye to an amazing season!

We put the icing on an excellent season with a very special menu made with love by our culinary team.

We hope to surprise you again with our signature cuisine and with the careful and delicate presentation that characterizes the culinary creations by our chef Javier Hoebeeck.

We will try to leave the best taste to keep a good memory of your dining experience at our restaurant until next season.

We say goodbye these last days of 2019 pleased for the satisfaction that you have shown us receiving so many samples of affection from you and for the good qualifications that you have sent us through our staff as well as sharing your experience and opinions through platforms such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google or Instagram.

We will work on new ans unique recipes to continue meeting your expectations in 2020.

We hope to have you  with us during our last days of this season!