Autumn Tasting Menu

Transition of emotions during life say goodbye to the season

We want to say goodbye to this season in a very special way and we would like do it leaving you with a good taste in your mouth.

We hope that our commitment to a tasting menu in which we wanted to show you our most emotional side through gastronomy has made you enjoy this gastro-sensory experience with all five senses.

As on our kitchen, we always offer quality and seasonal products on our tasting menu, and particularly on this last menu we want to immerse you into a gourmet gastronomic experience with the finest products such as oysters or caviar and thanks to other seasonal products such as truffle or mushrooms.

We introduce you to the new flavours and textures from the first moment, you will start this gastronomic journey with a poultry broth ice-cream with Galanga air and Keffir lime that replaces our classic citrus ginger and wasabi pill.

We really look forward to see you all to say goodbye to this season.