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Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, close to one of the best beaches in the world, the soul of our land and surroundings inspire every detail of the gastronomic proposal carried out at Fusion19.


Committed to our geographical location, Mallorca becomes our larder. Prioritising our produce, our own cultivation, local producers and our community.


The strong belief that everything stems from our origins, and that they are the basis of our wealth, means that the gastronomic proposal aims to maintain the essence of our tradition.


At Fusion19 we have always worked with the local produce, in the most radical way and from the most sincere and respectful proximity to our origins producers and culture.

Fusion19 goes beyond sourcing its resources in the most honest and respectful way, but the Mediterranean has become our true source of inspiration.

The biodiversity that defines and surrounds us is our main wealth and is a fundamental part of our tasting menu.

We honour the work of small artisans by evoking the most sensorial and emotional part of the diner through unique handcrafted pieces, such as our crockery or knives, specially designed following ancestral methods. Traditional, unique and personal.

Natural materials worked by Mallorcan ceramists and craftsmen that remind us of our ancestors, bringing us back to our essence.

In 2023 we have gone one step further by establishing our own vegetable garden, where we grow a wide variety of fresh, seasonal produce. By basing our gastronomic proposal on local and sustainable ingredients, we promote responsible consumption and contribute to the conservation of natural resources, aiming for zero waste.

These actions are just the beginning of our commitment to sustainability. At Fusion19 and Grupo Boulevard, we will continue to explore new opportunities and strategies to minimise our environmental impact, collaborate with the community and raise awareness regarding the importance of sustainability at all levels.

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